Sanrixa has experience in developing Software for a variety of industries.

We can design custom projects to run on computer servers, or design a hardware system with software that runs on other specialised computing equipment (for example microcontrollers / embedded microprocessor units such as FriendlyArm  and Texas Instrument processors).

We can create software solutions for internet of things (IoT) applications (including remote network applications), and have expertise in web / programming languages such as Html and Xhtml & Css; object oriented languages such as C++ & C#; Php & Java; embedded languages such as Assembly, scripting languages such as Javascript and Perl; Integrated Development environment platforms such as NetBeans & Code Composer Studio, and mobile application development environments such as Android and iOs.

Further we have expertise in WordPress web development, Ruby, database management systems such as Sql and MySql.

We are also expertise in developing with Arduino (including programming arduino based projects) and Z-wave.

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