Market & Industry research

Our engineers and network of scientists have experience undertaking market and industry research in various sectors including the following:- Renewable Energy Sector; Various Consumer Goods sectors (e.g. Pet toys);  emerging Telecommunications technologies (e.g. companies building TV Whitespace networks) ; Banking (e.g. Mortgage Apps) ; Internet of Things (IoT) industry; Water Saving Technologies (e.g. Burst-pipe water saving devices manufacturers) and other specialists sectors such as the Financial Technology start-ups (FinTechs) and companies utilising Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) (e.g. in robotics).

Product research

Our engineers have experience undertaking various aspects of product research including:-

  • New product marketing research.
  • Testing a concept – soliciting views to concentrate investment of time and money on the most promising concepts.
  • Customer feedback surveys on a pre-merchantable prototype – to identify the key factors that matter to customers.
  • Pricing studies – to find out what the optimal price of a product is, and how much customers might be willing to pay for certain features.
  • Packaging design feedback – to test other aspects of product design, such as product packaging look and feel, brand names and logos.
  • Competitor research – to find out what the competition is up to.
  • Competitor product surveys – to find out what customers prefer in competitor products and the reasons why.

Technical research

Our engineers have experience in undertaking technical research (including prior art patent research in fields including Physics; Electronic engineering; Medical devices; Optics; Nanotechnology & nanomaterials; Materials engineering; Fluidics; Signal Processing; Information Technology and other fields.

Research Samples

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