Market & Industry research

Our engineers and network of scientists have experience undertaking market and industry research in various sectors including the following:- Renewable Energy Sector; Various Consumer Goods sectors (e.g. Pet toys);  emerging Telecommunications technologies (e.g. companies building TV Whitespace networks) ; Banking (e.g. Mortgage Apps) ; Internet of Things (IoT) industry; Water Saving Technologies (e.g. Burst-pipe water saving devices manufacturers) and other specialists sectors such as the Financial Technology start-ups (FinTechs) and companies utilising Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) (e.g. in robotics).

Product research

Our engineers have experience undertaking various aspects of product research including:-

  • New product marketing research.
  • Testing a concept – soliciting views to concentrate investment of time and money on the most promising concepts.
  • Customer feedback surveys on a pre-merchantable prototype – to identify the key factors that matter to customers.
  • Pricing studies – to find out what the optimal price of a product is, and how much customers might be willing to pay for certain features.
  • Packaging design feedback – to test other aspects of product design, such as product packaging look and feel, brand names and logos.
  • Competitor research – to find out what the competition is up to.
  • Competitor product surveys – to find out what customers prefer in competitor products and the reasons why.

Technical research

Our engineers have experience in undertaking technical research (including prior art patent research in collaboration with a firm of patent attorneys) in fields including Physics; Electronic engineering; Medical devices; Optics; Nanotechnology & nanomaterials; Materials engineering; Fluidics; Waves; Signal Processing; Information Technology and other fields.

Research Samples

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