Hidryve™ V2

Smart & eco-friendly modular micro-road system

Hidryve is a new, smart & eco-friendly modular micro-road system prefabricated in factories, which will be assembled on site.

is an urban micro-road system that will be built to accommodate smaller narrow-body electric vehicles, which are lighter than conventional cars, with a view to reducing road congestion. Hidryve is designed to be more flexible and adaptable and can be built to run alongside railways, or motorways, above tram ways or across empty fields with minimal disruption or damage to the environment. The micro-road will be able to wind its way through a city, passing through areas where conventional roads can’t be built. See YouTube video below.
Sanrixa is assisting Hidryve Ltd & Hidryve LLC in bringing their innovation to our roads. In particular we are assisting Hidryve with Undertaking market research, raising funds, completing a business plan, writing a crowdfunding pitch, devising a strategy document (including a marketing strategy), assembling an effective team (including a Legal Counsel, Engineers and Software Developers), identification of and engaging stakeholders, contacting City Municipalities, setting up meetings with construction companies & steelworks manufacturers, and many other related tasks which are necessary towards creating a working prototype and bringing their innovation to the market. More updates will be posted on this page or on our blog.

  • Quick-build structure.
  • Eco-friendly & designed to reduce reliance on petrol / diesel-powered vehicles
  • Can incorporate solar panels in its structure
  • Powered by clean energy
  • Capable of charging cars on its tracks.
  • Reduces traffic congestion.
  • Construction has minimal impact on the environment.

*Please note that there is no affiliation between Sanrixa and the Coca cola, McDonald’s, Samsung and Pontiac brands / registered trade marks shown in the illustrative renders on this page.