EasyGlide Stroller Skis

Stroller Skis for Prams

The Client’s daughter often took ski trips to central Europe. When the family subsequently welcomed a grand-child, the client knew it was only a matter of time before the new addition to the family was taken along on the frequent ski trips. To help her daughter, the client decided to shop for skis that could be affixed to a baby pram – to enable navigating of the icy slopes of the ski resorts to be more manageable. After an exhaustive online search, the client was unable to find anything suitable. A few months of further enquiries produced tooling moulds in Austria – but which the owner would only let go for £42,000! The client felt this was beyond what she was willing to pay – for what would only be two pairs of skis. She decided instead to get some stroller skis made. After confirming with a patent specialist that there were no outstanding proprietary rights in force, our engineers helped her reverse-engineer and design the skis using only some online pictures she had found; producing sketches, accurate CAD drawings for a range of wheel sizes, and STL files for 3D printing.

  • Strong & ergonomic design
  • Concept drawings & 3D sketches
  • STL files for 3D printing