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BurstOff burst water protection device

Hardware and Software proof of concept

Pre-merchantable software and hardware prototype design for a device to protect a home or property from flooding in the event of a burst pipe, saving water.

The client was an inventor with many years’ experience in the plumbing trade who had designed a system for use in protecting properties from flooding and water damage as a result of burst pipes. The system was adaptable, and could be used to prevent unauthorized gas escape from gas pipes, reducing the risk of fire damage.

From the information that was provided by the client, our engineers drew up a list of operational requirements for the project, from which a list of components was drawn, including procurement and use of the mini2440 Arm9 development board. The choice of this development board (as opposed to a fresh custom designed solution) was because of its capabilities and for cost-saving purposes  – since this was a proof of concept design.

Once all of the required components had been procured, an engineer who was a specialist in programming friendlyArm devices was contracted and given a brief – to work in the client’s workshop for a few weeks, following a set specification, and reporting directly to our director.


The project was completed in time, and tests showed the water saving device working as intended, to automatically shut off a valve when a burst condition of unauthorised water flow was detected, but to keep water flowing when an authorised flow was detected. With minor modifications the device was also able to work on gas pipe systems, to prevent unauthorised gas escape.

  • Wireless Control Panel
  • Stops water flow (including backflow) in the event of a burst pipe
  • Quick and responsive
  • Can be disarmed / deactivated
  • Remote access via an app or mobile phone
  • Can send an alert when a burst is detected