In order to know what ‘prior art’ to your invention already exists in the public domain a pre-filing clearance patent search should be requested before developing your invention concept any further.
The search may uncover prior art, inventions or products that anticipate the invention in question and that could pose a potential obstacle to a Patent application protecting your invention, or your capacity to make and sell the product.
The main reason you should have a professional search commissioned is it prevents you incurring avoidable expenses if someone has already invented the invention, or if something embodying an essential aspect of it is already present in the public domain.


Our professional patent searches will give you a clear picture into the innovation strides within your industry, who the main players are, what they are working on, and the gaps in the sector. This may be important if you want to understand the stakeholders you should engage with, or any potential joint venture partners or licensee partners.


The scope of protection of prior art inventions helps you know what the limits of such prior art is. Our search will show you the scope of the prior art uncovered. This is important when trying to ascertan whether your innovation would infringe a prior art innovation belonging to someone else, or whether a patent right which is being enforced is in fact invalid.


A patent search can also be a useful tool if you require technical information on the implementation of a specific technology used in a particular product, as it can provide important know-how of how others in the industry or sector have implemented particular technologies in the past, or how past inventors have overcome certain technical challenges.

Sample Patent Search Results

Typical patent search results will include information such as patent numbers (or patent application numbers), titles of the inventions, filing dates, publication dates and suchlike. Pdf copies of each relevant citation will be sent to the client.


Patent Search options


£99+ VAT (£118.8)
Clearance Patent Search
  • Single jurisdiction/ country
  • Search Report detailing prior art results
  • Prior art results (Pdf’s) sent by email
  • Identification of most relevant prior art
  • No Patentability / Prior art Validity opinion
  • 5 – 7 day turnaround
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£400+ VAT (£480)
UK & US Patent Clearance Search
  • An extensive new idea Patent Search
  • Covers UK & US only
  • Search Report with Patentability opinion
  • Identification of most relevant prior art
  • 1 hr free access to IP Advice
  • 10 days turnaround
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