Patent Search Samples

*The following images are exemplary samples only, and are not confidential client material / documents – which we cannot disclose without a client’s permission*

When you request us to perform a professional Patent Search on your behalf, Pdf documents of all the relevant prior art citations we uncover found will be sent to you by email / post for further analysis. If you would like us to undertake further analysis, or categorise and group our findings for easier understanding, we can do this for a modest additional cost.

Please click on each image to see a more detailed view of the citations (opens in a new window)
If you are unsure whether your invention is new and / or ‘patentable’, or if you would like to know if applying for a patent is a suitable option, then do not hesitate to contact us for a confidential discussion.
Alternatiely, it may be the case that you have received a letter alleging patent infringement from a lawyer of the patent proprietor. It’s important that before you respond o any such communication, you speak to an IP specialist who will be able to guide you on what to do.
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