We recently launched a project to help young people learn how to code, targeted at children aged 8 -17 years old.

We will focus primarily on helping children gain proficiency in coding using languages such as C, C#,html, Php, Python & Java among others.

Further training can also be provided for those looking to help their children learn how to program micro-computers / microcontrollers such as PICs, or Arduino boards, or to program boards that use Zigbee / Z-wave.

Lessons are often 1-to-3 (although sometimes your child will learn together with other children in a class environment of no more than 7 children). Each lesson can vary from an hour long up to a maximum of 90 minutes, and your child needs to have a laptop or tablet computer (android or iOs) of their own.

Lessons need to be pre-booked in advance on our website and a member of our team will deliver them either at our office, in a public library, at the child’s home or in certain cases online – at the pre-booked date and time.

For more details, please contact us on info@sanrixa.co.uk .

To book a lesson, please click the button below.

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