Bold moves

Recently we embarked on an entrepreneurial journey to create awe -inspiring lifestyle innovations among other inventions that are designed to be beautiful, user-friendly, ergonomic, different and fab. Some of our clients too are on similar journeys with innovations targeted to their respective customer demographics. Interested? Feel free to look around. And if you have some comments, feedback or would like to partner with us, then please let us know.


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Why Invest in Sanrixa?

Forward Thinking
We are working on some interesting innovations in sectors from Consumer Goods to A.I. some of which will define the future of their sectors.
Tech Driven
Sanrixa is adopting the latest technology in the pursuit of excellence in Engineering , Product Design, Marketing and Company growth.
Focused Team
We are building a team that is qualified, experienced, skilled, focused, dynamic & understands customer & investor satisfaction alike.
Collaborative Approach
We believe strategic & collaborative partnerships have significant advantages which can enrich the innovation and Product Development lifecycles.
We believe that transparency is key in establishing trust and ensuring that investors & customers are kept in the loop of important decisions.
Diversified Offerings
Our eggs are not in one basket, and we are playing the long game. This also means we are constantly on the lookout for opportunities in need of disruption.

Our Promise

  • Modest profit margins over & above recouping your initial investment within a reasonable time-frame.
  • A stake in the corporate oversight of the business including a seat on the board of directors.
  • Quarterly reports and bi-monthly feedback meetings.
  • A copy of the Annual Detailed Financial reports & Strategic Corporate vision.
  • Preferencial deals and discounts on products / services.

Contact Info

+44(0) 0161 504 8882
Sanrixa Ltd,
Cheadle Place, Cheadle Point,
Stockport Road,
SK8 2JX, United Kingdom.

Join us on this exciting Journey.

If you think Sanrixa sounds like a good fit for your investment portfolio, then we’d like to hear fom you. Please leave your postal address for a confirmation copy of our response to your message.

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