Eco-friendly technology

We have been conducting research in the green and environmentally friendly sector for several years. Among our innovations is an improved wireless smart meter for use by utility companies and others having a need to rapidly gather remote data without significant investment into upgrading dated infrastructure. more >>

We are also developing a weatherproof & waterproof climate controlled sleep capsule, and a noise isolating pod for use in airports, capsule hotels, train stations, offices, universities and other spaces respectively.

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Peer-to-Peer or Social Aviation

Airbus, Uber, Volocopter, Ehang, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin & Vertical Aerospace among others are companies which are undertaking pioneering research into the creation of “air taxis”. This is an interesting field within what can be described as peer-to-peer¬† aviation or “social aviation”. It is a field that has as many opportunities as there are risks (including regulatory issues that require significant consideration), both by companies developing these technologies, but also by authorities working to ensure public safety and sufficient regulation.

Sanrixa is currently modelling how various external and environmental factors affect the viability and energy efficiency of such air transport, and what measures improve the performance of such vehicles. The research is focussing among other areas on the use of pioneering battery technology, effects of certain lightweight composites and adoption of nanomaterials (and new materials such as graphene) as substitutes for conventional materials.

It is hoped that the results will pave the way for the development of new model(s) having superior performance, improving upon current technology and adopting creative use of new materials.

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