About Sanrixa

innovation. excited

Est. 2011


From simple devices for the home to network devices for a research project, our passion is solving problems.

  • Our engineers are working on products designed to help people live an easier more enjoyable life.
  • With a focus on usability, safety, efficiency and also style, our aim is to capture dreams, to draw out inspiration, bringing the future to the present.
  • Since we are also developing our own range of products we know what clients expect, and strive to fulfill those expectations.
  • Whether you are looking at a one-off bespoke product for your own use, or are considering a prototype for mass production, we can help you bring your idea(s) to life.

For more information, see the summary below:

If you were to build an eco-friendly house, what state of the art modern technology would you incorporate?

What viable options are there for reducing traffic congestion in cities and towns?

What time-saving technology is available to help people achieve a healthy work-life balance?

Can a tech-centred approach to accomodation provide a workable solution to the shortage of housing in most large cities?

Can an App-based sleep capsule improve safety on our roads?

What can be done to rethink negative and patriarchal age old practices in the international charity sector?

How can A.I. applied to FinTech help young people save money while improving their credit rating?

Sanrixa is a technology company that is taking on such questions, and devising long-term solutions to address such problems …



Concept design, product visualisation, product research, prototyping & product development.



Custom application software, software system design, embedded software & system integration.


Green Tech

Ecofriendly / environmentally friendly technologies.



Quantitative & Qualitative research in diverse sectors including Electronic & Mechanical Engineering, Consumer Goods & FinTech.