About Sanrixa

innovation. excited

Est. 2009


From simple devices for the home to network devices for a research project, our passion is solving problems.

  • We are working on products designed to help people live an easier more enjoyable life.
  • With a focus on usability, safety, efficiency and also style, our aim is to capture dreams, to draw out inspiration, bringing the future to the present.
  • Whether you are looking at a one-off bespoke product for your own use, or are considering a prototype with a view to mass production, we can help you bring your idea to life.
  • In addition, if you have a product and are looking at a development partner in Europe, to help get your technology to market, then please get in touch.

If you were to build an eco-friendly house, what state of the art modern technology would you incorporate?

What viable options are there for reducing congestion as a result of traffic in cities?

Which kinds of technology should we integrate into our daily lives to help us achieve a healthy work-life balance?

Can a tech-centred approach provide a workable solution to the shortage of affordable accomodation in most large cities?

Sanrixa is a technology company that is taking on such questions, and more…



Concept design, product visualisation, product research, prototyping & product development.



Custom application software, software system design, embedded software & system integration.


Green Tech

Ecofriendly / environmentally friendly technologies.



Quantitative & Qualitative research in diverse sectors.